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Aquilant Endoscopy has been providing first class equipment and services to the NHS since 1997. The unique combination of the technical excellence of the Fujifilm product – with its unrivalled true HD image quality - and the small and friendly yet flexible and efficient technical service and customer support of Aquilant Endoscopy provides over 120 major hospitals with an unrivalled service.

Fujifilm is also committed to providing equipment which is the cutting edge of clinical and technological advances and works closely with clinicians worldwide to continually improve the performance of its products. The double balloon enteroscopy system is unique to Fujifilm and its inventor – Professor Yamamoto- is closely involved in other developments with Fujifilm R&D.

The world famous Professor Kudo (pit pattern classification) has been working with Fujifilm on enhancements to the range and a number of leading UK clinicians have been consluted in its pursuit of excellence. Technology for NOTES is a key development project as is the continuous development of the FICE system.

Fujifilm and Aquilant Endoscopy support a number of clinical research projects in prestigious hospitals throughout the UK and word wide. Our equipment is also synonymous with advanced endoscopic techniques such as Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) and Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) and training on our equipment is supported by one of the world's leading experts – Professor Toyanaga (KOBE University Hospital, Japan).

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