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Retriveval Forceps

Disposale retrieval forceps used for retrieving foreign bodies in the gastrontestinal tract during endoscopy procedures. . - 36...

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Single Use Ureteroscope

• No cross infection risk. • No extra sterilisation or decontamination costs. • No maintenance costs. • Eview sy...

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Specialist Cleaning Brushes

Single Use Endoscope Cleaning Brush Set. A high quality endoscope cleaning brush set designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and ef...

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Stone Extraction Balloons

Triple lumen ballon catheter used for stone extration during ERCP procedures. . - Triple lumen. - Radiopaque markers. - Blunt c...

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SU-1 Endoscopic Ultrasonography System

Advanced image processing technology integrated into a compact Unit. Features:. • High Resolution B-mode imaging. • Tissue...

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WiSAP Cold Coagulator

The CERVIX-COAGULATOR is an electrothermal system used exclusively for the treatmentof benign Erythroplakia, Portio Endometriosis, O...

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