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5 Prong Grasping Forceps

Disposable retrieval forceps used for the retrieval of foreigh bodies in the gastrointestinal tract during endoscopy procedures.&nbs...

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Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy Foceps. Disposable biopsy forceps used for the withdrawal of gastrointestinal tissue during endoscopy procedures. . - Fe...

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Clip Applicators

Used to arrest non varicose bleeding in the digestive tract during endoscopy procedures. . - PE sheath for a better flow inside...

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Clutch Cutter

Incision, dissection and coalulation.  Your 3 in 1 ESD tool for efficient and safe therapeutic procedures. . - Toothed jaw...

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Disposable Nitinol Extraction Baskets

Basket used for the retieval of polyps, stones and foreign bodies during endoscopy procedures. . - 360 degree Rotatable version...

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Endoscope Hoods

Maintains a clear field of view during clinical procedures such as ESD. . - Short ST hoods. - Small-caliber tip short design &n...

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Guide Wires

Guide wires used to facilitate the insertion of instruments into the gastrointestinal tract during biliary and pancreatic procedures...

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Injection Needles

Disposable injection needles used for the injection of sclerosing agents for the treatment of the varices in the gastrointestinal tr...

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Loop Nets for Polyp Retrieval

Retrieval net used to retrieve food bolus or polyp fragments after the resection with a polypectomy snare in combination with an ele...

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Micro & Macro Polypectomy Snares

Polypectomy snares used in comination with electrosurgical unit in the gastrointestinal tract for the resection of ployps. . - ...

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Monofilament Snares

Catheter used during endoscopy procedures for the resection of flat lesions using a stiff monofilament snare. . - Monofilament ...

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Multi-action Catheter - Snare with lo...

Multi-action catheter snare + loop net or grasping used for simultaneous resection with polypectomy snares connected to an electrosu...

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